Gin Review:- Dandy Kat Gin

My latest gin review has been a long time coming, and I mean a REALLY long time.

I first met Suzanne, the creator of Dandy Kat, at a gin festival in Liverpool in 2021. She was there as a gin enthusiast, but was just about to launch her very own gin, which she was very excited about.

Now for lots of different reasons, I didn’t actually get to try Dandy Kat until I met up with her again, at ‘The Gin To My Tonic’ in Glasgow in October of 2022. Here I immediately discovered that not only was it a gin that needed to be on my gin shelf, but that I also needed to review it.

November then happened and personal situations meant that very little was done in the way of visits or reviews, but eventually, and well worth the wait, its finally here.

The gin brand is named after Suzanne’s children (Daniel and Katherine) and the character that is based on a dandy, is beautifully illustrated in the front of the label. Its also worth noting that the second gin uses the same character, but dressed differently. I am told this theme will continue, and so I look forward to seeing how many variations of The Dandy Kat character we will get to see.

The gin uses various botanicals, which include lemon verbena, citrus peel and locally sourced Earl Grey tea.

On the nose it is very juniper forward with notes of citrus also very prominant.

The Earl Grey then comes through and is what really sets this gin aside, it has a beautiful savoury nose to it, which also carries through onto the palette.

Its bold in the mouth, with a great oily texture, which gives it amazing body.

The recommended serve is with elderflower, however I like it with a light tonic or even more so with a Mediterranean tonic , which I feel just adds yet another dimension, by lifting the lemon verbena with an extra herbal note.

The gin is also great in cocktails and makes a mean Negroni!

It may have been a long time coming, but this gin has quickly become one of my favourites. Usually I like to ty a gin a couple of times before I sit down and start writing about it, as I find you get more from a gin the second or third time you try it, however this is the first gin that when I’ve gone to write about it, the bottle is practically empty….. now there cant be a better recommendation than that!

Name:- The Dandy Kat Gin

Price:- £36 (70cl)

Proof:- 42.5% abv

Buy From:- The Dandy Kat Website


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