Gin Review:- Biggar Herbaceous Gin

Stuart and Euan McVicar started the Biggar Gin Company back in 2018, and I was a ‘big’ fan from my first taste. Their original and their subsequent navy strength gins were always about ‘bigger’ flavour profiles, with both these being citrus forward gins.

While I have grown fonder of citrus forward gins as time has gone on, my preference has always been for more fragrant spice or herb note, so when I visited the Biggar stall at last years Junipalooza my eyes lit up, as there on the table, not yet officially launched, was Biggar Herbaceous Gin.

One whiff and one sip later and I was sold, unfortunately I was flying back to Manchester that day and had hand luggage only, so this gin went on my wish list for a future purchase.

Later in the year, I visited The Gin to my Tonic in Glasgow, where one of my tasks was to get that bottle, which I did. This review should have been completed much sooner, however a host of incidents including loosing all my gins (Massive appreciation to Biggar Gin for sending me a replacement), a number of personal priorities and then a much needed escape to Brazil in January, means that this much delayed review can finally be written.

The Biggar Gin bottles are all very simple in design, with the gins clearly identifiable with their big bold label design, each variety being a different colour. The original was white, navy was blue, and of course its green for the herbaceous.

On the nose the Biggar philosophy of big flavours is obvious, as is the clear punch of juniper. Lemon Verbena and Sage then tantalise your senses, this is then followed up with a slight nutty aroma, which I can only assume has come from the use of dandelion root.

On the palette the big flavour profile continues, citrus is still massively evident, but for me its the sage that makes this truly sensational. The mouth feel is exciting and the finish has a slight bitterness which tails off to leave a savoury taste in the mouth.

Paired with tonic, the herb notes burst into life and transport me to a day, later in the year, when I can sit in the garden, surrounded by all my fresh herbs, enjoying the sunshine. The oils within the gin also make for a very visually pleasing G&T.

For me, this works great with a light tonic, or with the added boost of a Mediterranean Tonic, either way its a winner!

Name: – Biggar Herbaceous Gin

Price:- £36 (70cl)

Proof:- 43% abv

Buy from:- Biggar Gin Website


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