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Last week saw the much anticipated opening of the first restaurant from the team behind Schofields and more lately Stirling Bar in Manchester.

The Stock Market Grill takes over the restaurant space within the Stock Exchange Hotel Manchester, which became available after Tom Kerridge announced the departure of his Bull & Bear venture.

The closure of the high end restaurant caused all kinds of speculation as to why and also who would take the space.

Having been super successful with their bar ventures, including Stirling which is also located within the Stock Exchange Hotel and that I wrote about here, its a great opportunity for Joe and Daniel Schofield to expand their offering further.

The restaurant is headed up by Joshua Reed-Cooper, who’s cv includes the likes of The French, Where The Light Gets In and Michelin Starred Mana, the menu is based in a British Brasserie classic, utilising high quality local ingredients.

We headed down to check out the offering for ourselves and to be honest, having loved its predecessor as well as being a massive fan of their cocktail bars, my expectations where high.

The interior has not changed much since the departure of The Bull and Bear, although the much debated TV screens have departed.

The centre of the opulent room, is a stunning pair of vases which upwards to the high ceiling.

We were there at 6pm on a Thursday and on entering, there were only one other couple, although by the time we left, there was a few other tables seated, but not as busy I expected on the 2nd day of being open.

The menu is trim, but with a few options that caught my eye.

For starter I went for the Steak Tartare with Beef Fat Yolk. The seasoning was spot on, with a good hit of citrus and a luxurious rich egg yolk. We were definitely on to a great start.

India went for the Mussel Cullen Skink, which due to an allergy, I couldn’t try, but it got the thumbs up too.

For main, I just had to go for the Confit Rabbit Suet Pudding, served with a potato purée and Sherry Mustard Sauce.

I am a big fan of rabbit when cooked well, unfortunately for me this was a little dry, and although the flavours were really good, it really needed a big jug of gravy to make enjoyable. The potato purée was also a bit of a let down, it was light and airy, but had no flavour to it whatsoever. I loved the idea of this dish, but for me it didn’t really work as a complete dish and at £24 it didn’t wow me.

India choose the Cornish Cod with Hispi Cabbage, Potted Shrimp and Lemon Butter. The cod was cooked really well and the dish looked great overall, but this also only scored an ‘ok’ from her.

Overall I enjoyed my meal, but I think they have a little way to go to get the restaurant any where as sort after as their bars, which many, including myself, hold in such high regard.

Stock Market Grill can be found at The Stock Exchange Hotel, 4 Norfolk Street Manchester


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  1. An expensive disappointment. At least those lame TVs have gone.

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